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Francisco Guzman.


Born in Bogotá Colombia, work between Australia, Europe, States and Colombia.


In 1999 he obtained a degree in Industrial Design from Industrial Design Faculty of Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá.


In 1997 he won the Mario Santo Domingo prize for the best Colombian students of design and architecture. He travelled to do stage practices for 2 mont in Europe Design Companies at AMAT-3 Furniture Design in (Barcelona-Spain) and the Central Industrial Design in Whirlpool 



In 2000 He won the Colombian Engineer College honor prize with his Project Design of Cultive Water in Modular system (Frailejon).


Category  prize for Best Design Concept and Alternative Project for new hydraulic and modular system to catch up water in natural zones with relative humidity up to 70%.


In 1999 started his Photography career and Movie maker career on digital formats for mor than 1 year at the Rosario University in Bogotá, He has studies in Photography, Pre/Pro and Post Producción  of Tv and Movie maker.


In 2005 he was given the publication of Colombian war photography book of the Colombian Army Forces (School of Lanceros from Colombia) and his book was deliver to the all military brigades of Countries around the world.


In 2008 he was given the prize Photo Marathon of Bogotá 2008 and publication in the memorial book of the best photos of Bogotá and their people.


In 2010 he was given a prize Reveals Colombia 2010 and the publication of my photos in the memorial book of the best photos of landscapes and places from Colombia.


From 2000 until 2012 He worked as Marketing companies and Designer companies in Colombia on different kind of projects are required his  general vision concept in design and production.

From 2013 to 2017 He move to live in Melbourne and Sydney Australia and develop specific skills on design and use ultimate generation on big format printing for signage and marketing obtaining Pro certification from Roland Graphics, Avery Dennison graphic division in vinyl wrapping adhesives for vehicles and fleets, Expel pain Protection films and 3M architecture films. Francisco also work as consulting, designer and manager at the best installation companies like Signarama Australia, Apex Signage Sydney, 1 Day Wraps Australia.


Francisco has Works Experience in different levels of creativity and creations for mor than 30 years, he was obtained experience in Industrial Design & production, Graphic Design, Printing and sign production, Video, Photography and Web Development.


Experience in Video Projects & Photography.

Between 2000 to 2013 the most recently working brand experience in advertisement production, camera and videographer  by VISA CREDIT CARDS (Colombia), RESTAURAN ANDRES CARNE DE RES (Colombia), FUPAD (Colombia), FUEL TV. FOX TV, COLOMBIA VISUAL.


Experience in Graphic Design Projects and Industrial Design.             Recently,  between 2010 to 2019 he has been worked with, Pro Vinyl Australia, The Aussie singer Justine Clarke at the video production songs in 2017 in Sydney, Australia,  G2  BTL Colombia, COCA-COLA Company Colombia, Allianz Group Colombia, Claro Company of Mobile Phones in Colombia, SMLXL design Colombia, Colombia Visual, Suzo-Ruiz Galery Colombia, Salt Catedral of  Zipaquira Colombia, FUPAD Colombia, OEI Colombia, Entina Colors Colombia, Sleep Well Colombia, and Independent brands design and DigitalMedia.

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